Navigation Satellite GLONASS-M Placed into the Target Orbit

The number of GLONASS satellites in the Earth orbit has been brought up to full strength of 24 spacecrafts and is now equal to the number of US GPS. Previously this year, five GLONASS satellites, four GLONASS-M and one GLONASS-K, were placed into orbit.

Up to this day, the GLONASS orbital constellation included 30 satellites, 23 of which were operating and the other seven were in test phase, reserve or under maintenance. To ensure the continuous coverage of the territory of Russia only, the operation of at least 18 GLONASS navigation satellites is required.

The GLONASS system is working and its civil part is aimed at ensuring the creation of the continuous field of GLONASS navigation signal. This is used for high-precision determination of coordinates and speed of any moving objects equipped with GLONASS receivers. The system is also used in Russia’s security interests.

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