The Pacific: 02.17 N 81.39 W

We nearly reached the 2nd degree of the north latitude. Everything promised at that point a steady trade wind would start blowing. It seems to be so but still we miss the Galapagos Islands. Our course is 265 while it should be 250. One would think it’s nothing, just 15 degrees, but at a distance of 500 remaining miles we will miss the destination for almost 20 miles. Devil’s arithmetic with this movement against the wind. If we start aligning with the flow, the speed falls. If we gain speed, we miss the finish point. Not without reason, all efforts of yacht designers, billions of dollars for construction of race yachts are spent for winning five degrees of a maneuvering angle, just the one that allows sailing against the wind and becoming regatta winners. Or getting to the Galapagos Islands.

In the morning, we quarreled with Winnie (that’s our wind autopilot). It refused to steer. Well, actually not quite refused but messed everything up. After sleeping a bit, I understood that it was our carrot Julio’s fault. The matter was that it began gathering a warm company around itself. There already is an orchid bush, a bag with masks, an empty diesel fuel can, a lifering, and Lena’s swimsuit. All this stuff (especially the swimsuit) creates a whirlwind around itself, which prevents Winnie from steering. So we are lying and thinking that it would be great to get everything in order, but it’s very unpleasant to do it at rocking.

Last night we watched to the end quite a good movie called “A dangerous method.” For some reason, it was not noticed by general public, which was wrong. Dr. Jung and Dr. Freud disagree on how to treat a Russian female patient-masochist. A very good movie. Since last night, we’re discussing the sexual and masochist background of women’s behavior and men’s reaction to it.

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