The Pacific: 01.59 N 83.09 W

Last Saturday night people seemed to finally drink to us. The wind seems to turn another 15 degrees, which we needed so badly. Now, each time we look at the map we feel happy that our course, such a green line, is dancing straight on the islands. We are at the right course! We even crossed the latitude of 2 degrees. We are moving fast, since yesterday we made about 100 miles, 400 miles left. However, it’s still too sharp to go against the wind, so all unpleasant things like roll, wave, spray that flies all over the boat still remain. We really hope that you find time on working days to drink our wind. Some 15 degrees more and it would be grace. A difficult passage in general. It strongly reminded us of how we passed the Baltic back and forth five times against the wind. Moreover, it was also cold then.

After the first euphoria of writing notes I felt a slight writer’s block. The question is what I should write about so that it would be interesting. Navigation details are interesting, of course, but you will quickly get tired of them. Everyday stuff? It is everyday stuff. It shook on the wave, I fell on the stair on the rib, the very bottom of the ribs, a very painful spot. Now I can neither sigh, nor gasp. It’s awfully painful to laugh. And taking into account that I spend 23 hours a day lying on rather a hard couch, the inability to lie on the other side makes me awfully angry. It turned out that cans with delicious pate got to the bottom of the box with canned goods. And it, in its turn, is in the farthest corner behind the cooker. Moreover, it is covered with a heavy tabletop. So to get some pate for breakfast, one needs to perform a dizzying pirouette of getting into the very bottom of the box. And to make it more fun, we recollect the pate already after we have breakfast made and the cooker gets hot. And we want the pate very much.

We can open a literary circle. I’m rereading Islands in the Stream, Lena – One Hundred Years Solitude. We’ll discuss this topic tomorrow.

So if you want to read our notes – write us what they should be about. We also try to understand whether our Iridium phone can receive SMS. The matter is that the Iridium website seems to offer the option of sending free SMS. We’ll now test it and then everything will be very simple.

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