In the Central House of Journalists, a press conference was held on the completion of the European phase of the round-the-world expedition on sailing yacht Delta

Пресс-конференция в Центральном Доме журналиста

The expedition around the world started on Russia’s Indepence Day, June 12, 2011, from St. Basil’s Descent in Moscow. The voyage will last three years. Astern yacht Delta left the Russian rivers and lakes, the Baltic and the North seas, the English Channel, and the Bay of Biscay. The yacht is now at the pier of Lisbon and getting ready to sail through the Atlantic to the shores of America. Some of these days, a new member will join the crew, Doctor Alexander Vozdvizhensky. The yacht’s captain Andrey Nevzorov told the audience of the Central House of Journalists (via videoconferencing) about the readiness of the crew, the boat’s technical conditions, and the operation of the Russian navigation system GLONASS, autopilot.

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