Flying Back to Moscow


Oh, how long it is to get home from the other half of the world! A 12-hour flight from Tahiti to Tokyo, then staying 24 hours there between the flights, and another 10 hours flying from Tokyo to Moscow. However, at first we need to get from the yacht club on the other side of the island to FAAA airport – such a funny name the Tahiti airport has. Buses in Tahiti run as they like, even more so on the Christmas week. Therefore, hitch-hiking as a proven method.

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French Polynesia, the Tuamotu Archipelago: Manihi Atoll


Our meeting with Sedov gave us a sea . . . no . . . an ocean of sensations, meetings, stories, and new friends. We will tell you about everything gradually as soon as the first emotions settle down. And now, thanks to our stay in an area with good Internet coverage, our backlogs – adventures in the Tuamotu Archipelago (French Polynesia).

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Sedov and Delta in Tahiti


It’s been several days of my attempts to write a post about our meeting with Barque Sedov. All of them failed. Just oh and ah and an idiotic dreamy smile. Guys, it’s impossible to describe it, you should see it yourself. Hold the wheel, walk along the deck, feel awesome about the incredible number of sails and, hence, all kinds of ropes aboard, climb the rope ladders. Four unforgettable days. Morning. Our first meeting with Sedov at sea.

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