A Week with GLONASS

Панама: Неделя с ГЛОНАСС / 01.08.2012

While preparing for a passage across the Pacific in Panama, we decided to test the operation of the GLONASS system. We turned on the GLONASS receiver daily and made screenshots of satellite data and took photos of the navigation display. We’re glad to share the obtained results with everybody.

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With GLONASS by the Caribbean: Martinique

ГЛОНАСС по Карибскому морю: Мартиника

Countries started changing with a startling speed just like in a kaleidoscope. Another flag atop the mast! Martinique is an island in the central part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago. It lies in the Caribbean sea of the Atlantic, where we sailed guided by GLONASS. In administrative terms, Martinique is an overseas region of France. What, the French again? Doesn’t Martinique have its own flag????

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