A Week with GLONASS

Панама: Неделя с ГЛОНАСС / 01.08.2012

While preparing for a passage across the Pacific in Panama, we decided to test the operation of the GLONASS system. We turned on the GLONASS receiver daily and made screenshots of satellite data and took photos of the navigation display. We’re glad to share the obtained results with everybody.

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The Panama Canal

Панамский канал : Вокруг света с ГЛОНАСС на яхте Дельта

Well, my dear, let me greet you all from the Pacific Ocean, Panama City. Using next-generation slang, we got a level-up – passed the Panama Canal.

We are very grateful to everyone who didn’t get scared of “convulsions of nature” and came to see us at Marsel Club. Due to this meeting, we even putt off passage of the canal and, as is known, whatever God does is for the best, as we met Sergei Morozov.

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Colón: the City Named after “сolon”

Колон: город имени прямой кишки | Colon, Panama

Here it was, the long-expected entrance to the Panama Canal. To be more precise, not to the canal proper, but to the port of Colón city (from Spanish Ciudad de Colón). Along with Panama, Colón is the main port of the country. There were as many ships as fleas on a mongrel. The AIS counted 99 and hang … Evidently, there was no more free memory space.

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Panama Passions

ГЛОНАСС кругосветка: Панамский канал, Портобело (Portobelo), Nombre de Dios

Having reached the Panama Canal, we decided to arrange an excursion by the historical places. To be brief, all those pirates of the Caribbean are a trifle. All the commotion took place in Portobelo (a port in the northern part of Panama, the Colon province, from which in the 17th -18th centuries a “silver fleet” loaded with treasures left for Spain, and the “beautiful harbor” name proper indicates the convenience and depth of the bay) and in Nombre de Dios nearby. What thrilling names!

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Keep Money in the Savings Bank – It’s Completely Useless There

ГЛОНАСС вокруг света на яхте Дельта

We decided to complain about the hardships of the round-the-world trip a little bit. It took a long time to discuss whether this should be done. On the one hand, why complain? On the other, someone may watch our footage and conclude that it is sheer paradise. So listen to the voyagers’ complaints and, who knows, maybe you’ll give some advice.

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